Saturday, August 9, 2008


Well, as some of you know, we are remodeling our basement! I am very excited because the new space will act as a much needed, new therapy room for my son. Anyway, long story short, my studio was in the basement, and I have yet to find a relocation for all of my art things other than 5 large Rubbermaid containers sitting in the garage. So all of my completed pieces are wrapped up and in the living room, my paints and clay are in the garage, and I have several half finished pieces in my kitchen. My house is quite the sight as you can well imagine!

Anyway! What that means is I need to clear out some things in my home! Much to my dismay, the contractor informs me that my home will be in this flux for up to 8 more weeks! So, while i don't have anything new to showcase this month, I do have lots of pieces available at deep discounts!